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As a first time dog owner, Rebecca has made being a new puppy mom so easy! She continues to provide support and encouragement. Daisy Mae  is apart of the Singers litter and couldn’t be more happy how much love, health, and nutrition  Daisy Mae received her first couple weeks of life. Daisy’s health is top tier thanks to Rebecca’s attention to detail raising all the dogs. The process of adoption has been easy and if there is any questions you had, Rebecca will answer in a timely manner. I couldn’t be more happier owning my first Sheepadoodle. I continue to receive compliments how beautiful Daisy is! Daisy is four months and she’s potty trained, crate trained, and enjoys socializing with other dogs ( vet gave the okay). Thank you C3 Sheepadoodle for the love and support you give all the pups and the pups mothers! 


Navarro Family


Rebecca is an excellent breeder, and we are lucky to have one of her puppies. Our beautiful Luna is almost 8 months old; she is a sweet, intelligent, loving addition to our family.


I highly recommend working with C3 Sheepadoodles!

Poller Family


We brought our sheepadoodle Callie home in August 2022 and we absolutely love her! She is smart, kind and a true family dog!

Rebecca at C3 sheepadoodles is amazing, she is a responsible breeder that sets all her litters up for success with her program. To this day she still answers any questions we may have! If you are looking to add a sheepadoodle to your family we highly recommend her!


Young Family


Rebecca and C3 are the best! The process was super easy and communication was great. It was so nice to have a local breeder, she even let us bring an item by with our scent for our puppy to sleep with till he was old enough for us to get him. She also keeps in contact with us still through text and her puppy Facebook group. Our little guy also got to spend a weekend with her, her daughters, and his mom and dad while we went away and is doing it again soon when we are out of the country for a week! We are so so grateful to have found C3 and to have adopted our little guy from her!

Parker Family


It was a pleasure working with Rebecca and C3 Sheepadoodles!

The puppies are beautiful and the parents are her family pets,raised in a loving home. The pups were handled by Rebecca’s daughters and others and exposed to different sights, sounds and smells. Our puppy, Winnie is adorable, so smart and so much fun! Winnie slept in her crate from the first night. Rebecca is so accommodating and the communication is excellent. Rebecca provided frequent videos, pics and updates. Overall excellent experience!

Cleffi Family


There aren’t enough words to truly express how incredible c3 Sheepadoodle is. Rebecca and her kids raise the most amazing puppies. Rebecca is kind, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I got my puppy (Archie) from her and he is the best thing to ever happen to me. He is extremely well behaved and in great health. Because she raises them with her kids and other dogs, Archie is and always has been incredible around other dogs and children. He is very easy to train and so smart. Also, Archie is breath takingly gorgeous! We cannot go anywhere without being stopped.

I recommend c3 sheepadoodles to ANYONE looking to get a Sheepadoodle.

Kunstler Family

Galaxy Litter Reservation List


Our experience with C3 Sheepadoodles and Rebecca was wonderful. She was extremely communicative and helpful. Since we are not local to C3, the videos and pictures as well as the captions and personal messages aided us in making our decision. The selection process was fair and straightforward. Follow Rebecca's instructions and you won't go wrong! Our puppy was well socialized and crate trained when we picked her up at 8 weeks old.

Morin Family

Galaxy Litter Reservation List


Rebecca and her daughters are the sweetest breeders. I have the joy of getting my first dog from C3 Sheepadoodles, and the process was super smooth and also ethical. Ethical breeding is something I highly value when looking at breeders, and Rebecca has been very transparent about the parents and puppies' health and wellbeing. I'm so grateful my pup was from C3 Sheepadoodles!!!

Moy Family

Galaxy Litter Reservation List


I had been searching for a puppy for my family for over a year. I had spoken with numerous breeders, rescue organizations and anyone in the area that had puppies nothing felt right. My children feared we would never end up with a dog. I found Rebecca late at night after staying up way too late searching for breeders on Google. I was incredibly nervous and Rebecca answered all of my questions and even FaceTimed with me. As they say in movies it was magic. I new from the moment I spoke to Rebecca that I had found the perfect breeder for my family. I immediately called my best friend and told her that I had found not only the perfect puppy for my family, but for her family as well. Moose is the best thing that has happened to my family. We thank Rebecca everyday for bringing him into our lives. He spoils my three boys with love. And my friend that I mentioned above she ended up with the perfect puppy too!

Kelley Family- Moose's furever family


C3 Sheepadoodles was always very accommodating to all of my questions and concerns and I had tons! I received videos and pictures regularly that were beyond adorable. Rebecca and her girls provide a loving and warm family environment that every pup needs and I will definitely be back for more!

Canabal Family - Shelby's furever family


I am so thankful that we found C3 sheepadoodle. Rebecca is the real deal, a wealth of information and a true pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond to ensure we had the best experience from our initial FaceTime phone call to when we got to take our puppy home. It was the little details that made taking our boy home so special. She made sure we were prepared + even sent us home with a packet of tips and training as well as the sweetest Christmas ornament.  What is so special about Rebecca is that she continues to be  an amazing resource for our puppy. She even facilitated a virtual puppy group w our Puppies siblings to share experiences and ask questions as we raise our puppy. I am so thankful our family found c3 sheepadoodles.

Gale Family- Blue's furever home


Our fur baby Poppy was well cared for by Rebecca prior to coming home with us. Rebecca gave us constant updates on how the puppies were doing and also ensured we were comfortable asking any questions regarding puppy raising which was important to me as a first time pet owner. I know that aside from being taken care of, the puppies were also shown lots of love by Rebecca and her girls which I think led to them all being so sweet and lovable. We were also sent home with very thoughtful care packages. Our Poppy is super sweet, cuddly, playful and loves people! She's not perfect (hang on if she happens to see a leaf or squirrel going by) but she is as close to it as I can imagine. Very few accidents, never chewed on anything that wasn't hers, and is just all around pleasantly tempered. We joke sometimes that she's definitely human. One tip I will give is to save your money and not buy the training pads unless you are unable to take your puppy out often while crate training. I didn't even need one and this seems to be consistent among other families I've spoken to. All in all, my family and I are so happy we chose to get our beloved Poppy from C3Sheepadoodles and would definitely recommend them.

Scotto Family - Poppy's furever family

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